From Bluetooth Tower Speakers to Mini Pyro Bluetooth Speaker with Bass Boost. PC Mains powered or USB desktop speaker systems. Pred8tor's AppleMac.Shop online store brings to you the customer the newest in technology advances in 7.1 stereo surround sound devices. Want a rechargeable tower speaker for your car we got it. Maybe a mini wireless Bluetooth speaker to use as a handsfree device when trucking on a long road trip, with built in microphone and voice controlled, we have a whole range compatible with iPhone iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Waterproof speakers for singing in the shower we even stock the newest in wireless wifi tower speakers (the Torre WX) with the available App you can connect upto 8 of these speakers from a single mobile device. group speakers together around the house and garden, play the same music or different in each room or group as upstairs and down, inside and outside. Technology every home should have. While dad plays Mozart in the study, Mum listens to the beach boys and the children all party in the garden. Speakers no longer just put out sound from a media centre they are their own built in media centre, with radio, DABS, Interenet radio functionality and AUX, USB or SD card readers. Cube Speakers, Box Speakers and Tower Speakers. We stock some great sound devices, if you can't see it ask we can get it. Pred8tor where the hunting ends.

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