Car / Motorbike Jump Starter 9000mAh & Portable Powerbank for iPhone/Smartphone/Tablets with Emergency LED Torch + Tool Kit

  • £48.75

Amazing and great quality 'Car Jump Starter' Using the provided jump start leads you can start a 1.8 litre car up to 30 times, 3.0 litre car 6 times and 5.6 litre once. The Jump starter portable charger comes with a survival knife and hammer to use during emergencies or accidents.

  • Built in Power bank Charge two different devices at once from the USB ports. Like your iPhone, Smartphone, iPad or Tablet.
  • Comes with a 3 in 1 data cable to charge any of your Android or Apple devices. Lightning for iPhone/iPad, Earlier iPhone 4 or iPod adapter and Micro-SD for Samsung and other smartphones.
  • Survival emergency hammer to enable escape from car in an emergency by breaking a window
  • Razor sharp seatbelt knife built-in for emergency removal of a seatbelt in an accident or fire. 
  • SOS lights & hazard lights, blue, red and white flashing LEDs ideal for rear window placement or behind the car on the road to clearly show oncoming traffic you have broken down.
  • Advanced safety Has complete protection from over-charge, short circuit, over-discharge and reverse polarity protection.
  • Takes 3 months to fully discharge from a full charge Takes advantage of the high quality polymer battery holding a charge for up to 3 months.
  • Bright White LED torch ideal for checking engine faults or jump starting the vehicle in the dark.
  • Powerful powerbank jump start a car up to 30 times and recharge two USB devices at once. 
  • UK Plug for recharging this amazing device from the mains
  • 12v cigarette lighter plug for recharging the device on the go.
  • When your cars 12v adapter is in use, you can keep your satnav or mobile phone charged from this device for hours.
  • Ideal long distance drive tool, ideal for holiday trips or camping holidays, once charged can use the device to keep your phones/tablets fully charged when around camp fire or in the tent. 
  • Jumper cables have an LED display with circuit protection, error beep and red LED if incorrect voltage or polarity is detected. Green LED for 'alls well' notification. 
  • Adjustable Voltage output connection for charging laptops and netbooks (cables not supplied) 5v/12v/15v/19v

A must have for any traveller, starts heavy duty sports car batteries with ease. Fully tested and comes complete with a 12 month Sumvision warranty.


WEIGHT 1.2 kg

9000 Polymer mAh


5V 2.1A




DC 12 -15V 1A


10-40 degrees celcius


170mm x 80mm x 35mm